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Best Hiking Trails in Egypt

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With all the wonders that Egypt holds, the country’s hiking trails are located in some of the most stunning areas, which are indeed worth visiting. Breathe in some fresh air and discover the most beautiful hiking trails in Egypt.

Mount Catherine trail, Sinai

One of the most popular hikes in Egypt, the Mount Catherine trail takes you through numerous mountains, natural pools and historic ruins. This hike offers adventurous souls the chance to camp in the midst of nature as it may take up to five days to complete – excluding climbing Mount Catherine, of course. Your trip should start in Egypt’s highest village, Saint Catherine, where you’ll take a six-kilometre hike to Naga Mountain, allowing you to enjoy the incredible scenery from this 1,830-metre peak. Afterwards, you’ll have 25 kilometres of hiking to do, where you will pass by blue natural pools amid mountains, the castle ruins of Abbas Basha at Mount Abbas and finally, end your hike at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, where you will be able to shop for authentic souvenirs.

Colored Canyon, Nuweiba 

This trek is really a mesmerizing adventure because the canyon offers distinctive shades and tints of hues – as the name suggests. The shades of the canyon are an aftereffect of the retreating tides from the Red Sea in those days when the canyon’s rough walls were shaped by limestones, granites, and sandstone. The vibrant scenes of the canyon will be a treat to your eyes!

After getting a charge out of the canyon trek and its contrasting facades, go to the Basata Eco-Lodge to rest, as it is one of the best eco-lodges you can find in Egypt.

Mt. Catherine

Clear from the peak of Mount Sinai, Mt. Saint Catherine region is Egypt’s tallest mountain and got its name from the tormented Christian martyr called Saint Catherine.

Mount Catherine stands tall at 2645m above sea level and in Arabic, it is called Jebel Katherin. Generally, many travelers overlook this trail as many of them give preference only to the Mount Sinai trek. However, climbing Mount Catherine grants trekkers an additionally difficult ordeal, more fantastic perspectives and relative isolation on its grand summit.

Blue Lagoon, Dahab

One of the most rewarding hikes you can ever walk on, where vivid shades of blue would be on your every looking turn while you enjoy the Sinai Mountains.

Sahara Desert, Siwa

The world’s largest desert is like nothing else on this earth. Start organizing trips and take on adventurous car drifts through the sandy desert and stroll along the desert with any transportation you desire, from a camel, a donkey or, 4 Wheel drivers. Once deep into the desert, you can enjoy a hike, so wear your comfy shoes and enjoy the Sahara Desert!

Wadi Degla Protectorate

When you travel to Egypt, make sure you visit Wadi Degla Protectorate. The Wadi Degla Protectorate, a hike that takes you away from Cairo's overcrowding, is a place where you can escape city life without crossing its borders. The Wadi Degla Protectorate is about 30 kilometers long and is located in the Maadi district. It is one of Egypt's easiest – and most enjoyable – hikes due to its length and flat surface. The valley contains limestone rocks with a height of about 50 meters, as well as rain-carved canyons. 

The Valley of the Whales

The valley is a proven location in terms of the evolution of the whale from a land-based animal to an ocean-going mammal, according to UNESCO's World Heritage Centre. One of the reasons many visitors flock to the Valley of the Whales, located in the Fayoum Oasis, is to see the fossil remains of the now-extinct Archaeoceti suborder of whales, as well as a fossil museum.

Giza Trail

When many people think of Egypt, the first image that comes to mind is of the Giza Pyramids surrounded by a courteous caravan of camels. Attempting such a moment is a romantic dream of many tourists in Egypt. For an Egyptologist, a camel ride is an ideal way to see the country. Many visitors to Giza reserve a camel trek around the Pyramids in Egypt. A better idea is to investigate the desert behind the Pyramids, which makes for a stunning backdrop. Try to arrive just before sunrise or sunset to get a good view of the Pyramids, as well as the magical and resonant Call to Prayer emanating from many mosques.

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