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7 Best Trails for Hiking in Egypt

Some like to experience the desert riding a 4×4, others would enjoy it effortlessly on the back of a camel, but as we both are hikers; we believe that the best way is to walk it on foot, to connect with nature, and get as close as one can get. That’s why we have put together a list of the best hiking trails in Egypt.

What so many don’t know about Egypt, is that we have some of the world’s most unique hikes & journeys, some of the oldest too; dating back to the Holy Family, Moses & Saint-Catherine.

If hiking is not your thing, we have got plenty of other ideas that would -for sure- satisfy your wanderlust.

1.      Wadi Degla Protectorate  Cairo

One of the best hiking trails is right here in the heart of Cairo, Egypt’s capital.

Wadi Degla is near Maadi suburb, around a 20-minute drive from Downtown. It is known for its adventurous rock climbing experiences, and to add to that, a delicious barbecue with friends and family is a plus.

2.      Saint Catherine, Sinai

Saint Catherine in Sinai is one of the most famous places to hike to as it offers an unbeatable view and a rich historical background. There are a few trails to look out for, The Camel TrailThe Stairs, and The Summit. Those are some of the most-visited places to take up hiking. hiking in Egypt

3.      Mount Moses, Sinai

It is one of the most exciting & impressive religious destinations to enjoy a perfect hike all over Egypt. It doesn’t have the same importance as St. Catherine Monastery but it is still one of the most captivating sites is known in Sinai and its height is around 2258 m. Mount Sinai is the site where Moses has received the three commandments of Allah in a hike that lasts for a long time and you too can follow the footsteps of Moses and witness the incredible sunset & sunrise in the area.

4.      Nuweiba 

This trek is really a mesmerizing adventure because the canyon offers distinctive shades and tints of hues – as the name suggests. The shades of the canyon are an aftereffect of the retreating tides from the Red Sea in those days when the canyon’s rough walls were shaped by limestones, granite, and sandstone. The vibrant scenes of the canyon will be a treat to your eyes!

After getting a charge out of the canyon trek and its contrasting facades, go to the Basata Eco-Lodge to rest, as it is one of the best eco-lodges you can find in Egypt. There you can appreciate a Bedouin-cooked feast as you camp to satisfy your hunger after a hike and unwind while stargazing.

5.      Sahara Desert Hiking

In this desert trek, you get to enjoy the Sahara Desert —a “land” of orange, black, and white, sandhills, as well as, rock etched to supremacy by the wind.

During the desert hiking trip, you will explore different areas like the White Desert, the Black Desert, and the Crystal Mountain. Also, visit the Valley of the Whales which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site to see 40 million-year-old whale skeleton, different fossils, the Valley of the Kings from Luxor, and the tomb of Alexander the Great.

6.      Giza Trail

When numerous individuals everywhere around the world consider Egypt, the first thing that definitely comes to mind is about the Pyramids with a polite caravan of camels roaming around. It is a romantic dream of several tourists in Egypt to attempt such a moment.

A camel ride is an impeccable voyage for Egypt explorers. Many visitors who visit the Giza book a camel trekking in Egypt around the Pyramids. However, a superior thought is to investigate the desert behind the Pyramids as the beautiful backdrop.

Try to be there just before sunrise or sunset to appreciate a grand perspective of the Pyramids, and the magical and resonant Call to Prayer ascending from many mosques in the meantime. Later, mount a camel and take it through the desert to the center of the Great Pyramid.

7.      White desert

A trekking trip in Egypt’s White Desert offers the chance to observe what resemble as snow routes among sand dunes. Also, here the long periods of extreme weathering have etched enormous surrealist rock figures from a generally desolate bed of sand. Take in the marvels of this extraordinary district by foot and doze under the stars. Additionally, head to visit areas of old archeology, neighboring towns and lavish oases en-route your trek.

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