Sinai Peninsula of Egypt

The peninsula has acquired the name of Sinai in modern times due to the conclusion that a mountain located within the area nearby the Saint Catherine's Monastery is the actual Mount Sinai mentioned in the Bible, which was the place where Moses went to meditate and ended up receiving The Ten Commandments from God. For this reason, Mount Sinai receives tourists from all over the world, as it is considered a sacred place for many Catholics.

Like a surreal painting where time stands still, the city of St Catherine in Egypt’s South Sinai has become a destination for all of those who are in pursuit of inner peace, and sanctuary for the soul.

Resting 1600 meters above sea level and surrounded by Egypt’s highest mountain chains, the city of St Catherine is famous for its tourism which varies from religious to adventure travel.

Considered to be rather secluded, the city of St Catherine along with its inhabitants have not been touched by many features of modernity, including the hard feelings that brew out of the daily pressures of the big cities.

While some people prefer to spend their stay at one of St Catherine’s camps and eco-lodges, the majority of its visitors would rather hike up Egypt’s highest summit Mount St Catherine, or Mount Sinai. Despite the overwhelming pleasure of being surrounded by the grandeur of nature, it is almost indisputable that the people of the mountain are core to the joy of visiting the city and its mountains.

To explore and narrate how the beautiful souls coexist with the rigid life of the rocky trails, Ahmed Atef, founder of DeeeVa, produced a short video narrating snippets of life in St Catherine through the eyes of its people.


Weather at Sinai


Sinai's climate is extremely hot. Daytime temperatures along the coast can soar to 50°C (120°F) during the summer, and night temperatures are based on wind speed. In the mountains, the winters see slight snowfall and rainstorms during spring, and nights tend to be cooler. When visiting Sinai during the summer, it’s recommended that you carry complete sun protection and lots of bottled water to stay hydrated. Avoid sunburns, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke by being prepared. During summer, the best place to spend time is near the water, while entirely avoiding camel riding and trekking simply due to the extreme heat.


Things to do in the Sinai


The Sinai has become a huge tourist destination in Egypt over the past 20 years, with destinations that attract all types of travelers. Some of the best things Sinai has to offer are:


Scuba Diving


The Sinai Peninsula covers some of the best diving spots in the whole world. The Red Sea of Egypt is located within the Sinai Peninsula and it has a marine life to leave any world traveler experience diver speechless. The Red Sea underwater eco-system has over 300 species of corals in all colors and shapes and 1,200 species of different types of fish, which 10% of these species are not found anywhere else in the world other than in the Red Sea. Turtles, spinner dolphins, dugongs, mantas, and sharks are some of the possible encounters divers will have while diving in the beautiful waters of the Red Sea. 


Ras Mohammed National Park 


With one of the richest marine lives in the world with over 220 species of coral, the Ras Mohamed National Park is a marine reserve located in the sea area of Sharm El Sheikh.


The Blue Hole


Considered one of the most dangerous scuba diving sites in the world, The Blue Hole located in the relaxing Sinai city of Dahab, is not recommended for beginners divers. Consisted of over 100 meters in-depth and a tunnel, diving in the Blue Hole is the ultimate diving adventure for experience adrenaline seekers only.


Visit Sharm El Sheikh


The Sinai Peninsula covers a wide range of beach resorts, in fact, some of the best resorts in Egypt, or possibly the world. With its calm crystal clear water white sand beaches, the Sinai Peninsula makes for a perfect family holiday or romantic getaway.


One of the best Lux beach resorts destinations within the Sinai is Sharm El Sheik. Sharm El Sheik is a favorite among Italians and Saudis. With so many options when it comes to beach resorts, Sharm El sheik has it all, beach life, adventure attractions, and a strip of restaurants and clubs for most tastes.


Hike the Colored Canyon


Located at about 90 km north of Dahab, the Colored Canyon is a gorgeous rock formation of multi pastel colors of red shaped like a labyrinth forming a canyon of up to 40 meters high and 800 meters long. The Colored Canyon is an amazing hike for those who enjoy the outdoors with a mixture of the Sinai desert.



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