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The Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travel

A medley of incredible ancient history, adventure and stunning urban landscapes, Egypt is one of the liveliest travel destinations where you can get a taste of the old and the new.

While making your way around this maze of experiences might be a bit overwhelming for women, if you’re equipped with the proper tools and knowledge, nothing will get in the way of you enjoying your trip.

For solo female travelers, it’s important to take safety into your own hands. Here are our top safety tips:

1. Follow Egypt’s Conservative Dress Code

Like many Middle Eastern countries, Egypt is pretty conservative. The locals dress modestly here, so it is important to respect that.

Women are expected to dress modestly, with shoulders covered at the very minimum. When visiting holy sites, it is important to wear loose-fitting clothes with full coverage.

P.S: Dressing conservatively will help you avoid any street harassment and will avoid too much attention. It’s also a great sign of respect for the culture.

2. Book a Safe and Trusted Hotel

This is especially important if you are traveling alone. Make sure you pick a reputable hotel in a lively part of town like Downtown Cairo. Big name hotels are usually your safest bet but there are a few small family-owned hotels that are equally as safe and maybe even a bit more inviting.

Pro Tip: Be sure to carry around something with your hotels name on it when you go sightseeing. It’s an easy way to get home if you find yourself lost and don’t have a great grasp of the language.

3. Travel with Local Female Guides

There’s a lot of female guides in Egypt who are experts in their field. Sometimes, it is a much more comfortable experience if you are accompanied by a female guide. It’s not really encouraged to go out on your own, so be sure to always have a trusted local guide with you.

Pro Tip: You can ask at the front desk at the hotel or speak with your travel agent about connecting with a reputable female guide. Make sure to ask for an Egyptologist, to get the most out of all your visits to historical sites.

4. A Helpful Transport Secret

Cairo’s metro is a very inexpensive and convenient way of getting around the city. Although it can seem a little overwhelming or even a little scary, the best part is all the train cars have one or two train cars dedicated only to women. It’s truly a safe and interesting experience, mingling with the native women of Egypt.

P.S. Female passengers are also allowed to ride in the mixed compartments if you’re up for some excitement.

5. Be an Informed Traveler

It is imperative that you properly research all the places you intend to visit. Go online and read about other people’s experiences there, especially other solo women traveler. Discern if it is safe to go alone or if it would be better if you were accompanied by a guide.

It’s also important to have a basic working knowledge of Arabic. Teach yourself a few basic phrases to help you navigate your way around the country with ease.

Pro Tip: Make sure to learn the Arabic pronunciation of the touristic places you plan on visiting beforehand. This will at least help you get to where you’re going if you get stuck and need help from the locals.  

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